Freycinet Connections is one of the most reliable marketing firms in Australia that specialize in search engine optimization. We help businesses increase their brand’s popularity by improving their ranking on search engine page results.

SEO Training


Do you want to learn about search engine optimization? We provide custom-tailored SEO training services. We will teach the basics of SEO and provide you essential tips, advice, and guide that will help you grow your business.

Keyword Selection


Part of an effective SEO strategy is keyword selection. Customers use specific keywords in searching the web. These keywords should be included in your content so that it will rank first in search results. Quantity does not always matter, but quality. Thus, careful selection of keywords is a must.

Content Development


Keywords are part of your content. As a marketer aiming for a good ranking, you should learn how to develop your content. As SEO experts, we can help you produce great content for your website.

Link Building


Link building is always a part of search engine optimization. In developing content, you need to link to trustworthy websites. Moreover, you need to encourage trustworthy websites to link back to you. Inbound and outbound links are very important.

Market Research


We are also engaged in market research. We thoroughly study consumers and their behavior in using search engines. This will help us determine what keywords to use, what content to produce, what links to use, and what SEO strategies to take.